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Scout II parts overview by SCOUT-STORE »German text only
Scouts and IHC trucks in the media »German text only
Notes regarding IH, offroad, taxes etc. »German text only
Overview of Scout models and years »more
Scout articles

Scout 800 UmbauUltra rare 1966 Scout 800 "Sportop" with Softtop

This incredibly rare vintage Scout is owned by a lucky Scout fan in Hamburg, Germany. Connaisseurs in the US estimate the production of the Sportop model with its distinctive "hatched off" rear top - available with hardtop and softtop - at maximum 2000 units. Whilst today specimens of the hardtop edition are hard to find, only a handful of softop models seem to be left worldwide. This makes the mint condition of this Scout of exception even more admirable, especially since it's softtop looks totally unused!
A follow up including Sportop history and photo gallery is being prepared - please contribute if you have knowledge and facts about this rare Scout model.

Scout 800 UmbauConversion from Scout I tech to Scout II tech

Another exciting feature - this time in the technical domain - can be found discretely hidden beneath the posh exterior of this beautiful Scout: The vehicle has been smartly equiped with Scout II tech, thus allowing it to move around more elegantly compared to the rather unhandy original rig. For the technically interested this conversion has been documented in a vast photo gallery. But first a word of reason to those "hobby technicians": Don't try this at home - such a demanding conversion imperatively belongs in the hands of an expert.
»read about the conversion build

Native speakers: please help improve our translations - we know that our English is far from perfect ;-)

Original ScoutOriginal Scouts
We will start presenting a few of them: »pics
Scout RestaurierungScout II ground up rebuild: (German text only, but the fotos do the talking anyway) »pics
IHC L161Found it!
Finally in November '02 Frank has located the lost IHC L-161 Truck he once owned
»read more
IHC Scout Spain An original Scout in the canaries
(German text only)
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