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SCOUT 800 restoration and conversion
to Scout II tech
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Though the Scout I is smaller and looks handier compared to the Scout II model, it is much less easy to handle when driving. The turning circle is much wider than for Scout II despite of having the same wheel base, due to a smaller steering lock. Whereas the absence of a power steering is just about bearable with the 4-cylinder engine, any parking manoeuver will turn into torture with a V8 engine.

The brake system - a single circuit brake without power brake unit with drums front and rear - is no longer adequate for today's traffic situation. And whilst the original 4-cylinder engine (4-152) runs in a reliable way, it definetely lacks power and fails to offer any decent exhaust sound. Due to these disadvantages the fun of riding this otherwise beautiful vehicle quite literally bites the dust. Therefore this vintage Scout 800 Sporttop has been converted to Scout II tech.

However the conversion wasn't exactly trivial since the original engine compartment was far too small for the big V8 engine. Numerous metal parts had to be removed respectively modified to allow for more room. Also the mounting of the power steering unit required extensive modifications of the wheel house. To create more space for the transfer case the body was lifted 4 cm (abt. 1,5 inch).

The original steering column was shortened and fitted with cardan joints of German and Japanese production to compensate for the bold angle toward the Scout II steering gear.

The frame also had to be changed: in the rear about 20 cm (7 3/4 inch) where sawn off because Scout II has got more overhang in rear. In the front 3 cm (1 1/4 inch) were sawn off to bring the original bumper closer to the vehicle. Furthermore the 4 rear suspension points body/frame were repositioned by welding.

In the original vehicle only a 30 liter fuel tank was fitted behind the driver's seat which obviously could not cope with the thirst of a V8 engine. Now a 68 liter tank (custom built) sits in the back unterneath the cargo bed.

Due to the wider Scout II axles the wheels are now sticking out a touch more which makes for a slightly more tough impression compared to the original. Also the discrete bodylift becomes the Scout well. Besides the rust through was eliminated and the paint was completey renewed. Also the wiring was renewed with exception of the dashboard wiring harness, and for security reasons extended with various relays and fuses.

After all these modifications the Scout finally runs as cool as it looks.

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Technical data: SCOUT 800 "Sporttop" 1966 - frame and powertrain Scout II 1979
  • Engine: V-345
  • Transmission: Torqueflite 727 (automatic 3-speed)
  • Axle front: Dana 44 disc brakes
  • Axle rear: Dana 44 drum brakes
  • Axle drive ration: 3,07
  • Power brake unit: Scout II
  • Wheel brake cylinder rear: Jeep CJ
  • Tires: 235/75/15
  • Spokes: 6x15 Scout II
  • Fuel tank: custom built, stainless steel 68 liter
  • Gas cap: boat supplies
  • Steering column: top original Scout 800, duct Nissan Patrol, upper joint Mitsubishi, column Mercedes 126, lower joint Mitsubishi, hardy disc Scout II
  • Radiator: Scout II, expansion tank Mitsubishi
  • Radiator fan: 2x Spal elektrlcal fans
  • automatic gear-shift lever: Scout II, cover Ford Taunus
  • bodylift: abt. 8 cm (3 inch)

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