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International Scout & Monteverdi get-together Hannover 2007 US flag Deutsch

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The 1st weekend of September 2007 an IHC and Monteverdi meet was held in Neustadt near Hannover on the grounds of Tree Nursery Wassermann.

15 Scouts had traveled all the way: 10 Germans, 3 Dutch und 2 Danes, plus a Scout owner from Schweden, although without Scout due to the long distance. In total 20 Scouts and a Monteverdi were counted including the organizer's vehicles.

For the first time at a meeting of this kind, offroad ground was offered directly on the meeting compound. The organizer had especially for the purpose marked out a trial course, however the more demanding section was rather appropriate for the Suzuki allwheelers of a befriended trial club who had come to join the event. Thanks to the surprisingly good wheather almost all of Saturday was spent on the terrain, and both participants and spectators had a hilariously good time
For the less offroad enthusiastic folks there was a burnout track which really was taken advantage of by a couple of nuts ;-)
At night a really good barbecue was provided, followed by campfire and music. As a final highlight on Sunday a convoi ride to the 'Street Nationals' in Hannover was organized (biggest US car convention in Germany).


Altogether this was a perfectly organized event: excellent catering and moderate prices, sufficient sanitary facilities including showering, some covered parking places, a steam jet and a workshop complete with tail lift, plus offroad options, plus the car convention in Hannover - what more could one wish for? In that respect the weak participation of German IHC- and Monteverdi owners was somewhat surprising - well, maybe next time.

» Gallery 1 Pictures from the trial and from the ride to the Street Nats - these are outtakes from a video shot by Uwe
(pix available in small size only) - Pictures Copyright © Uwe Schaar
» Gallery 2 Mainly trial pics , plus various impressions from both days, shot by Harald
(pix available in small size only) - Pictures Copyright © Harald Wassermann
» Gallery 3 This gallery features the majority of vehicles, except for 4 Scouts which can only be seen in gallery 1 and 2 (Large view available) - Pictures Copyright © Harald Wassermann go
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