German Flag Ein '78 Scout in Manila
Wer hätte gedacht dass es Scouts auf den Philippinen gibt! Scouts sind einfach absolut INTERNATIONAL ;-) Lest selber die sympatische Nachricht von Rich, einem brennenden Scout-Fan aus Manila und seinem Scout "Max", den er leider verkaufen muss. Vielleicht ist ja irgendein Scoutfan mal geschäftlich in Manila und weiss wie er den Scout verschiffen kann? Dann könnte Max ein Europäer werden... (Die Nachricht gibt's nur in Englisch)
US Flag An '78 Scout in Manila
Who would have guessed that there are Scouts in the Philippines? Scouts are so incredibly INTERNATIONAL ;-) Go ahead and read the charming message from Rich, an ardent Scout enthusiast from Manila, and his Scout "Max" which unfortunately has to be sold. Maybe some Scout fan has business in Manila by chance and knows how to ship a Scout to Europe? This way Max could become a European...

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Hi, March 08, 2008

I am Enrico A. Benito from far away Manila, Philippines and I own and restored a 1978 IH Scout II 4x4, 196cid, manual trans. I was looking for other IH Scout lovers and saw your website. The Scouts shown in your website are really nice. I was actually envious with all the Scouts in Germany and nearby European countries. I can't help but imagine wanting to be there and talk with all those Scout owners. Here in Manila I have only actually seen 3 the last 2 years.

I first fell in love with the IH Scout II in the 80s - I was still in highschool. An uncle used to own one. He was able to build 2 vacation homes in the mountains just using his Scout II. Imagine this: the Scout will travel about 500kms one way up the mountains fully loaded with either construction materials or heavy furniture AND it is still towing with ease a big water tank, on a trailer, full to the brim, water tank almost as big as the Scout itself. The Scout made countless trips back and forth doing the same things. To say I was blown away is an understatement! I said to myself as soon as I find work and able to buy one I'll buy one.

I was visiting a family friend in 2004 and I noticed a big SUV covered and dusting away in his garage. I asked what it was and he said it a 78 Scout II. I suddenly became excited. I removed the cover, inspected it (too my surprise it hardly had any rust), and asked if he was selling it. He said the Scout has not run for 5 years as he doesnt have enough funds to maintain it. We agreed on a price and I bought it 2 days after.
I got another surprise when we changed the motor oil, loaded regular unleaded gas, installed new spark plugs, cleaned the air filter, and installed a new battery that the Scout easily came to life again. I brought it to my mechanic and had a top overhaul. The engine inside and out was beautiful, less wear and tear and better than 5 year old engines of Japanese SUVs that my mechanic was currently working on. It took us more than 1 year to restore it, as it was difficult to find parts here - I ordered most of the parts via the internet from and, but it was all worth it.

I have attached before (dark grey) and after (yellow gold and black) pictures of my Max - my name for the Scout. I hope you and your readers like it. Max is my weekend driver. You wouldn't believe the long envious stares, smiles, thumbs up sign, honking, and conversations with other car owners I get everytime I use or park Max anywhere :)

I am getting married this April 2008 and will be forced, to my great dismay, to sell Max for our housing fund :(
I hope one of you guys can take care of my Max. I am selling him for only Php 350,000.00 (about USD 7,900.00 at current exchange rate).
If you are interested you may email me at richlaw* (please replace the asterisc with an @ in your email client).

Thanks and happy driving to everyone.


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